Predict, Not Just Respond

High velocity supply chains – From Socks to Masks, virtually overnight

Adexa Mask

One of Adexa’s major clients in apparel industry used Adexa supply chain planning applications in order to change production from hosiery to protective mask manufacturing virtually overnight. The company has already delivered 60 million and the production of more than 300 million is ahead of schedule.

Hanes Mask 1

It may look trivial, however when you have to design and operate a supply chain at this scale and plan on supplies and capacity availability, then it is not that simple! According to the company, “… new product lines require significant amount of work and planning.”

We are delighted that our S&OP and S&OE systems, in a small but meaningful way, have made a contribution to ease the pain of the current crisis. After all, this is what is expected of systems to increase the business velocity as market conditions change. Furthermore, not just plan but the system creating plans that are executable without human intervention. That is digitalization#InThisTogther



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