Predict, Not Just Respond

From One Adexa Genie© to Another

Genies @ Work

One day Supplier Genie was having a heart to heart talk with the Customer Genie. She was telling him how much she appreciates what he is doing taking care of the customers and making sure that the orders are all delivered on time. At this point the Customer Genie interrupted and said I feel there is a “but” coming! The Supplier Genie said, yes, I do understand that you are only doing your job, however this is putting a lot of pressure on me to make sure that the suppliers are delivering on time. They have all kinds of excuses: sometimes they don’t have the capacity, another time there is a disruption at their site or strikes or whatever. This means that I have to constantly send them messages, monitor their schedule, make sure I get a response from them in order to update the deliveries to ensure that the Planner Genie has what he needs to plan and ensure on-time deliveries to your customer! At this point, Customer Genie looked at her and said, so you think you are the only one with a gnarly job?! Well, my customers constantly change their orders. All of a sudden, they ask for a lot more and sometimes even cancel the order. Even if I am a day or two late, I hear from them and believe me it is not pleasant to be late when the CEO specifically asked me to ensure 100% on-time delivery. After hearing this, the Supplier Genie smiled and said, yup what we are doing is not easy, if it were anyone could do it! Let’s keep learning and getting better at our jobs so that we can help the company grow at higher levels of profitability and market share.

*Adexa Genies are independent processes acting as digital experts capable of sensing, acting and learning the business process they are assigned to. To learn more, click the following LINK.  



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