Predict, Not Just Respond

Demand Xpress: For small to medium size businesses

Demand Planning is now as easy as 1-2-3 in 4 weeks

Just because you are a small or medium size company, it does not mean your forecasting and demand management requirements are any less complicated or critical to your business. Regardless of your size or your business model, you still need to know—accurately and quickly—what your customers would likely to want. What your organization needs is a solution that ties in timely, accurate, and aggregated demand data from sales, marketing, finance, and customers to create a rich and collaborative view of all demand factors and forecasts.

Demand Xpress is an innovative product from Adexa, which provides small to medium size companies with a comprehensive demand planning solutions. Demand Xpress offers a full range of demand planning capabilities that can be deployed in a fraction of both the time and cost of alternative solutions that provide comparable functionality. This is facilitated through the use of state-of-art technology and its’ advanced modular design (Figure 1). Once the base platform has been implemented, users can activate additional value-added modules based on their business needs. Ultimately, this will provide a fully configurable and effective demand-planning solution in less time, with less cost, and with fewer resources. You can achieve the following benefits in less than 30 days.

Benefits & Features

  • Greatly improve reliability in product forecasts and demand plans
  • Allow full collaboration between all departments involved in demand planning
  • Maintain the right inventory levels by product, customer, and location
  • Accurately forecast revenue and perform cost/benefit analysis
  • Strengthen new/untested marketing campaigns
  • Analyze profitability by channel, product, and geography
  • Minimize time-to-benefit by utilizing pre-packaged best of breed business templates

Figure 1. Demand Xpress’ modular design

Demand Xpress

With pre-packaged business templates, modular software, and a streamlined implementation process, Demand Xpress targets the core demand planning activities that provide 90% of the value at a very affordable cost.