Predict, Not Just Respond

Covid-19 is Testing the Agility of Your Supply Chain!

agile supply chain

Covid 19 has been tough on supply chains. However, it has given the companies a tremendous opportunity to raise their response level and mitigate their risk in future crises.

The recent surge of shortages including toilet paper, alcohol, sterilizers, latex gloves and so on has forced certain producers to change their product mix, and/or increase their production, to better serve the rapidly changing market demand. For example, some have reduced their size of packaging for easier and faster shipping. Some others, such as alcohol producers, have increased the production numbers of higher capacity bottles.  To be able to make fast and timely product mix changes, requires the ability to test the supply chain to ensure availability of the row material and parts as well as capacity and supplier responsiveness. To do this quickly, one needs to have a Digital Mirror© of the supply chain. Using the latter, companies can, within a few hours determine their capability to change their production as needed within the true constraints of the real world. In addition, a truly digitalized supply chain has the intelligence to evaluate the weak points in the supply chain and the potential risks that can expose the company. For more information on Digital Mirror© and digitalization of supply chains please click Here.



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