Our Value to our Clients Goes beyond Savings and Increased Profit

Adexa takes tremendous pride in serving customers in every continent of the globe from all industries including manufacturing, fabless, distribution, food & packaging, chemical sciences, and publishing amongst others. In our quarter of a century of doing business, we have delivered billions of dollars of value to our clients through significant reduction of operations cost, almost perfect delivery performance, increased market share, and much better visibility and agility to respond to changes in the supply chain.

Some of the highlights of our customer base are:

  • Variety of customers with revenues from $100M to over $50B
  • Large diversity of clients from all industries
  • Nine out of the top ten high tech companies in Japan have chosen Adexa for their supply chain planning solutions
  • Almost every semiconductor foundry for the frontend and backend, including the top 3 in the world, has chosen Adexa for their operations.
  • Each implementation has offered the lowest cost of ownership in the industry because of Adexa’s unique Attribute-Based Planning technology
  • Unique offering of B-SaaS or Business solutions on demand that covers every aspect of supply chain technology, IT and operation with the help of Adexa expert consultants.
  • Adexa has and continues to work with major and local SI and consulting companies around the world to ensure its clients have a choice and comprehensive support to implement and run their supply chain operations.

As part of our implementation process, we spend time with our clients to ensure their desired business process is designed in a way that can most benefit from our latest technology. Currently, with the use of AI technology and machine learning, there are plenty of opportunities to streamline the operations and essentially move everyone’s jobs to a higher and more strategic role. This saves time, saves money and adds a tremendous competitive advantage to our clients. Adexa also provides solutions and services that are far beyond traditional supply chain planning solutions. Examples are design and monitoring of “green” supply chains or real-time responses to events inside and outside of the supply chain and seamless operation between planning and execution of the plan in a unified environment.


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