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Some of the Best Supply Chains in the World Run on Adexa

Seagate was looking to improve alignment of capacity and materials from wafer manufacturing and component assembly through Distribution in order to provide increased visibility and cost reduction in their supply chain.

Case Study #1

If Hindustan Lever Limited (HLL), India’s largest consumer goods company, was in another market space, say, for example, publishing, it would, first of all, teach its prospect base to read. If it sold cars, HLL would open driver education schools to teach prospects how to drive safely. As it is, HLL sells products that clean and products to eat and drink. The company has applied a commitment to following the highest standards of corporate behavior, leading-edge science and technology and creative marketing to the development of its business model. The company’s statement of corporate purpose is to “meet the everyday needs of people, everywhere.” Those needs differ wildly within India, and HLL has done an exceptional job of meeting them, as evidenced by the the company’s top line growth and bottom line profitability.

Case Study #2

This case study of HLL was presented by Hindustan Lever at one of Adexa’s user conferences in Asia.


TSMC is the number 1 foundry in the world serving thousands of customers worldwide. It is by far one of the most complex manufacturing environment and make-to-order with short product life cycles and changing technologies. Adexa is proud to have served TSMC for over 15 years in order to enable the company to deliver on time and at the lowest cost of operations.

As one of the largest suppliers of Boeing in Taiwan, AIDC has a complex operation in building parts and composites. Adexa has been their choice for planning their production for almost a decade keeping production and delivery on-time.


Schlumberger is the world’s largest oilfield services company. Working globally—often in remote and challenging locations—Schlumberger invents, designs, engineers, and applies technology to help its customers find and produce oil and gas safely and efficiently. Learn how Adexa has been deployed in all of their operations worldwide to plan their productions.

Iwate Toshiba is the largest semiconductor manufacturer within the Toshiba group producing numerous varieties of ASIC, CPU, CCD and CMOS sensors. When Iwate Toshiba started searching for a supply chain solution to resolve its myriad of production problems, it found exactly what it needed in Adexa’s eGPS suite. With eGPS, Iwate Toshiba transformed its supply chain and manufacturing processes to achieve a 30 percent increase in planning accuracy, 30 percent reduction in inventory, 30 percent increase in production throughput and efficiency, and cut in half the time needed to generate production plans.

Firmenich Logo

Firmenich has been researching, studying and creating fragrances and flavors for more than a century.  Founded as a family perfumery business in 1895, and still wholly owned and controlled by the Firmenich family, the company has become the world’s largest privately held firm in the flavor and fragrance industry, with a 10.7% share of the $14 Billion USD industry.  Its customer base includes the world’s leading manufacturers in multiple industries, including Food and Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Perfumes and Cosmetics, Toiletries, Tobacco, Detergents and Household Products.

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By performing better on-time delivery, using Adexa planning applications, Hynix improved its market share by a notable amount.

Case Study #1

Maintaining control and visibility over 80 to 90 percent of the production costs (i.e. material component) when the company outsources product manufacturing to third parties is not an easy task. A dilemma for every company that has products manufactured externally. Together with Siemens Procurement & Logistics Services (SPLS) consultants and Adexa, Inc., Siemens Information & Communication Mobile (ICM) has developed and successfully implemented an innovative electronic solution to conquer the dilemma.

Case Study #2

See how Siemens Wireless deployed Adexa to perform planning and visibility across a multi-layer supply chain thus controlling and managing capacity at contract manufacturer sites in real-time.

Pulmuone Co., Ltd. is a South Korean company that produces perishable foods such as tofu and soybean sprouts. It was founded in 1981, is based in Seoul, South Korea and sells its products both within Korea as well as internationally.

Adexa enables all internal stakeholders to work from the same plan and provides more accurate capable-to-promise (CTP) dates to customers, up-to-date requirements for subcontractors and suppliers, at the same time identifies the most profitable production scenarios for Pulse.

With more than 66,000 employees and sales of US$27.2 billion, Samsung Electronics operates 25 separate production bases and 59 sales subsidiaries in 46 countries. Around the world, Samsung Electronics is renowned and acclaimed for its broad lines of innovative products that range from semiconductor components, hard-disk drivers, notebook computers, consumer electronics, and mobile phones, to televisions and home appliances such as microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, and refrigerators.

Before Adexa the company faced challenges regarding deliveries with tough competition from the Asian players winning market share of the memory market. Using Adexa the delivery performance went up by double digits resulting in one of the best performers in the industry and having the ability to provide real-time ATP/CTP to all its customers.

Learn how Adexa replaced one of the leading vendors in supply chain at IDT and changed the planning run times from over 23 hours to less than 3 hours. IDT has been successfully using a complete S&OP solutions of Adexa from Demand planning to supply chain planning and inventory optimization for over 7 years.

Using Adexa S&OP suite, Fujitsu reduced inventory by 10%, improved forecast accuracy by 30% at the same time cut planning cycle time by 15% having 1300+ users on the system. This case study is a testament to scalability and speed of Adexa solutions and how the system has reliably delivered plans that the entire company can depend on.

Gulistan Carpet

Gulistan Carpet has been one of America’s leading carpet producers for nearly a century, having survived the Roaring ’20s, the Great Depression, world wars, technological evolution and shifting consumer tastes. The Challenge of providing high-end carpet products in an endless steam of design choices, as well as customizing products to satisfy individual customer orders, forced the company to make drastic changes in how it manages its production operations. Just to survive, Gulistan had to refocus the company.

A division of Lucent for making circuit boards for the industry, Adexa was selected to schedule production on a daily basis ensuring on-time delivery as well as highest usage of equipment. After implementation, the delivery performance was improved by 35%.

Formally Philips Semiconductor

We describe deployment of AdexaTM planning and scheduling system at Philips Semiconductor facilities and describe how Adexa is used, in conjunction with their MES system, in order to make capacity reservations, commit to forecasts, release lots, and form dispatch lists for all equipment.

Analog, a multi-billion dollar high tech company talks about how Adexa ‘s SCP and ATP has enabled them for quick turn-arounds and deliver on time with flexibility and speed.

Since its deployment Adexa has provided one of the leading breweries in Bavaria, with forecasting accuracies of close to perfection leading to a much higher delivery performance to their clients.

Learn how a global manufacturer of fabrics and apparel is using Adexa’s Predictive Analytics to gain insight into their future potential and risk.

$500M US manufacturer of Electronics/High Tech components with own manufacturing facilities as well as subcontractor sites in North America and Asia Pacific. Components were made Make-To-Order as well as Make-To-Stock.

A leading digital content storage provider desired to increase value within their Global Supply Chain Network by reducing the amount of late and short demand fulfillment while incurring the least cost possible.

Twice a year (in January and July) big sale events in the apparel world promise a field day for bargain-hunting consumers. Using Adexa’s eGPS suite, the company successfully implemented a new supply chain solution to shorten production time, improve enterprise-wide coordination and synchronization, and help the clothing manufacturers who were its customers reduce losses.

As The Apparel Company continues to rollout with Adexa and upgrade its planning capabilities across its vast supply chain, we attribute most of our success to the mutual teamwork between the people of both companies; and The Apparel Company’ relentless drive for excellence and innovation reflected in every aspect of their operations.