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6th annual Global Supply Chain Summit (2018)- Disruptive Technology
  • Cyrus Hadavi, CEO, Adexa
  • John Daly, President, Algomus
  • Manju Devadas, CEO, Pluto7
  • Katy McShane, Director, Customer Success
  • Lanetix Sanne Manders, COO, Flexport Dave Lubowe
  • Executive Director, EY (Moderator)
3rd Annual Global Supply Chain Summit (2015) – Tech & Supply Chain Solutions

The Global Supply Chain Excellence Summit held at USC Marshall School has been designed to stimulate ideas and provoke conversation on a broad range of important topics. This year Adexa’s CEO, Dr. Cyrus Hadavi participated as a panelist on The Technology and Supply Chain Solutions session.

Dr. Cyrus Hadavi Interview with Anaheim University

Dr. K. Cyrus Hadavi founded Adexa in 1994 with a dual mission: to enable enterprises to deliver higher earnings per share AND improved customer service. His strategy was to increase operational and financial performance with intelligent business planning solutions.The impact of Adexa solutions can be measured with gauges of increased efficiency and responsiveness, or financial markers such as improved revenues, profitability and returns on invested capital. Prior to founding Adexa, Dr. Hadavi directed implementations at i2 Technologies, Inc., delivering business solutions to Fortune 500 companies. Before that, he helped pioneer next-generation distributed problem-solving applications at Siemens.

Adexa Olympics 2006


A view down memory lane during a corporate team building event at Westchester Recreation Center near Los Angeles Corporate Headquarters.