Predict, Not Just Respond

Adexa Plan@Home© Program

With the advent of Covid-19 and many people working at home, Adexa has designed a combined solution of S&OP and S&OE or SOPE©, in order to deliver planning results with accuracy of 97% or higher for execution. In other words, no need for manual intervention of the plans and adjustments to make the plan executable. Depending on data availability, the plans are guaranteed to deliver executable plans for daily, weekly, monthly and beyond, accurate enough for immediate execution.

Adexa creates optimized plans using a combination of AI heuristics and prescriptive techniques such as mathematical programming and optimal search strategies. Such accurate plans minimize the need for interaction between operations and planners, which is a necessity with rough (S&OP) planning techniques of the past. All the planners need to do is click a button and get the plan for any desired horizon.


Their main task would be a quick review of the plan, understanding of trends presented by the system based on ML techniques, and evaluating the recommendations made by the system regarding policy changes to avoid future issues. Planners are now positioned to be Data Engineers, who can now, from the comfort of their home, analyze developing trends and make strategic decisions that would reduce the impact of future risks and disruptions.

Learn more about SOPE Here.



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