Predict, Not Just Respond

Adexa Above the Cloud for On-Premise Clients

Under Adexa B-SaaS© program, we have offered, not just software as a service, but also IT, consulting, system administration as well as planning expertise on-demand for almost a decade. In our 25-year service to our customers, many acquired their Adexa solutions on-premise. But now they are looking into continuing the use of Adexa by having the solutions delivered on the cloud. To this end, we have designed a special program to convert our on-premise clients to cloud delivery. For those clients who are just as happy to keep their solution on-premise, we will continue our highest quality support as always.

Under this program, your annual maintenance payments will be converted to Adexa’s cloud delivery service that includes solution support on the cloud and related hardware and third-party applications cost. We make sure that through our consulting services, your transition will be as seamless as possible without any disruptions in your operations.

As a bonus and token of our appreciation, Adexa will include the latest version of Adexa Predictive Analytics (APA), where applicable, over the subscription period. You will then have access to the latest that technology has to offer for analytics and reporting. In addition, we will wave the upfront cost that is normally charged for cloud delivery.

PLEASE contact your Adexa representative or SEND US AN EMAIL to INFO@ADEXA.COM WITH SUBJECT LINEAdexa Above the Cloud” to start using our solutions from the comfort of your home, office or even on the beach!
This special program will end on December 31, 2020.


Is There an upfront Cost?

Adexa has waved the normal upfront cost. However, there will be a cost for consulting and integration services in order to migrate to the cloud.

Maintenance Cost Vs Cloud Delivery Service cost

Maintenance fees are intended for software upgrades and enhancements. Cloud delivery service fees cover that plus solution support, system administration, hardware and third-party applications cost.  The annual fees are expected to be higher than maintenance only. In any case, Adexa will provide pro-rated credit for maintenance fees paid for the year at the time of migration.

Will There be a Charge for Professional Services and Integration?

Yes. Adexa will charge for time and expenses. The work is expected to be carried out remotely and cost kept to a minimum. We will provide a fairly accurate cost estimate ahead of time.

How long will it Take for the Conversion?

1-3 months depending on the scale of Operations.

How Secure Will Be My Data?

The solutions will be running on some of the most reputable and prestigious public clouds with the highest level of security measures, with each customer residing in their own cloud. Depending on the region, we deploy different cloud providers such as MS Azure, AWS, and AliCloud (for China region).

What is Adexa Predictive Analytics (APA)?

Adexa has devised over a 1000 Key Predictive measures that would be readily available to you once you install Adexa APA. With Adexa APA, you can perform all kinds of analytics, scenario management, system interaction and dashboard reporting.

How long is the Duration of the Cloud Delivery Service Agreement?

Typically, 3-5 years. Other arrangements may be made on a case by case basis.

What Version of Adexa will I be Using?

Always the latest unless you request otherwise.

What about the Perpetual License for Adexa Solutions that Was Purchased?

If at any point in time you decide you no longer wish to extend your contract with Adexa cloud delivery, you will have the option to  revert back to Adexa solutions On-Premise. You can  use your perpetual license on your own platform. And, as long as you continue to pay maintenance fees going forward, you will be given the latest version of Adexa, if requested. Your maintenance fees will be the same as what you paid before migration to cloud delivery with some adjustment for inflation.